We're All Ice Cream

I have come to understand that gender and sexuality are a bit like ice cream.

There's chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and twist. These are pretty simple for people to remember and understand; female and male, straight/gay/bi/asexual. I think we all pretty much have this one down by now. However, this is just a small, small part of the whole.

There's mint choc chip, rocky road, caramel, cake batter, cheesecake, sugar free, lactose free, blueberry, green tea, coffee, cookies and cream--so so many options, even more coming out each day.

It can seem really overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Some flavors we know we won't like right away, others we might have to try before deciding. Sometimes we might like a flavor best one day, but then prefer something else the next. Sometimes we just don't know what we are want and that's okay, too. It is perfectly fine to just stick to what we like, but we should always be respectful and let others be happy and enjoy what they like as well.

I mean, what kind of jerk goes into an ice cream shop and tells everyone that they all need to eat vanilla ice cream when there's like 100 flavors on the board?! Who here would put up with that?! Not me! I love ice cream and I hate people telling me what to do.

If we wouldn't tolerate someone being a jerk over ice cream, we shouldn't tolerate them being a jerk over telling people who they can or cannot love or how to view themselves and their bodies.