Live Your Truth

I'm just gonna say this and then I'm done with this "debate." As a multiracial person, I understand better than most other cis-gendered heterosexual people what it feels like to have your identity picked apart, analyzed, debated, and criticized. I don't know what it is like to be transgender, but I know how much it hurts to have people to TELL YOU who you are, who you should be, who you are not, and laugh in your face when you tell them what you identify as. I have struggled all my life with my racial identity. I have cried over it. Been ashamed of it. Questioned myself constantly. And I still know that my struggle cannot compare to someone who has lived their life feeling out of place in their own body. When I say I am an ally, I mean it unconditionally. Your life is yours alone. Your destiny is yours to own. Your identity is not up for argument or debate. You go on being whoever you KNOW you are in your heart. Fuck the haters, because the truth is, the only thing these pricks are worried about is coming to terms with the fact that the world doesn't revolve around them and their world view. That's their problem, not yours. Live your truth, boo. It's nobody's fucking business but yours.