Kingston, NY Resources for Parents during COVID-19

Hey fellow Kingston parents, I just wanted to share some resources for those who may not be checking the website or receiving text updates. Even if you are, I have had to do a little snooping of my own to find all this information.

Online Education Resources

Kingston has posted online educational materials for grades K-12. Just click on "students" in the menu bar and select the grade you need. They give resources and a loose schedule with a recommended amount of time that should be spent on each subject.

COVID-19 Updates

I check this page daily for updates on the schools and information on the virus. Here you can find information on where to go to pick up breakfast and lunch, who to contact for a Chromebook for online education, and who to call if you are having trouble with your internet. This is definitely a page you should be checking on if you are a parent in Kingston.

Work Packets

My sons go to Chambers. According to the Weekly Update, work packets will be available on 3/30--you just need to drive up to the school. From 9 - 10AM they will be handing out 3rd & 4th grade packets. From 10 - 11AM they are handing out K - 2.

If you don't receive weekly updates via text and are unsure about whether your child's school is handing out packets, I would recommend selecting your school from the Kingston City Schools website, then checking out their Facebook page. I took a quick look at some other school's websites and some have been updated with information. If you use Facebook you should follow your school's page and check on it for any updates.

If your school is not sending out packets, don't panic! Just follow along with the online resources they have on the page. If you know your kid's Student ID, or if they have memorized it, login to Clever daily. They have tons of games and resources to help your kids practice and stay sharp.

I have been updating my resource post quite a bit and if you need some help planning a schedule I have also posted the home learning schedule I am using with my boys.