Juju Still Wants a Sister

Blaze: *hides while we are walking home* Juju and Me: Blaze? Blaze?! Where are you? Blaze: *jumps out and laughs* Me: That's not funny. I was scared somebody took you. Please don't do that when we are outside. Juju: Yeah and if someone takes you then mommy will only have one baby. Me: Yes. That would make me so sad. Juju: But mommy you can always make a new baby. Me: I'm not going to make a new baby to replace Blaze! Juju: Aw but I really want a sister... Me: Aw that's too bad. Juju: Make a baby! I want a sister! Make a baby! I want a sister! Me: Hmm maybe you will be the baby that will disappear.


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