Homemade Easter Treats

Our Easter was a bit strange this year with the quarantine, so instead of plastic eggs filled with candy, I ended up making treats with ingredients I had at home.

Caramel Crispy Rice Bunnies

These ended up being my favorite treats. I used this recipe for reference but ended up making them with 3 boxes of single serve Rice Krispies, a container of caramel leftover from an apple dipping kit, and a stick of butter. I then cut out the shapes with a bunny-shaped cookie cutter.

Skittles Popcorn

For some random reason we had a ton of Skittles at home. My husband and I figured we could just give the candy itself to the kids for Easter, but since it is the only candy we had I decided I wanted to make it a bit more special. So I decided to make Skittles popcorn using this video as my guide:

I didn't have corn syrup so instead I used a bit of the caramel I had and mixed in a little bit of water. It gave the final color a bit of a yellow tint, but it was still pretty and yummy.

Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookies

For these, all I did was follow the Nestle Toll House recipe on the package, separate cookie dough in batches, add some rainbow sprinkles, and food coloring. I used my bunny cookie cutter to punch out some shapes too.

Nutella Brownies

These brownies were the easiest treat to make and were so yummy! All you need to make them is Nutella and eggs! I used this recipe. They were so good and so simple to make that I ended up making another batch after I finished the other goodies.

Once all the treats were made, I set them up as the grand prize for an Easter treasure hunt. We all had a great time and agreed it was one of our best Easter's yet. Who knows, maybe homemade treats and scavenger hunts will be our new Easter tradition.


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