Getting My Fussy Kid to Do His Work

Day 4 of homeschooling after our first extended weekend (we have agreed on Free Fridays which will be used to catch up on work, do projects, go on field trips, or just hang out).

My oldest seems really comfortable with homeschooling already. He complains occasionally, but for the most part he gets his work done without issue. My little one is still not quite there yet. He has trouble concentrating. It is hard for him to see my husband and I as teacher and not just parent. He hates to write. He hates to read. He doesn't want to do anything but play.

He is an excellent student. Since preschool he has never received a bad mark or complaint from any teacher. I can only assume that the problem is that this is just not the ideal setting for him. So, we have to work together as a team to create an enriching environment for both children.

Blaze writing his predictions and findings in his science journal as he conducts a "sink or float" experiment.
Blaze conducting a science experiment. Which will sink? Which will float?

My breakthrough realization with Blaze is that he is a kinesthetic learner, otherwise known as a "Doer" at Bridgeway. He learns by doing. So I've decided to give him as many immersive learning experiences as I can imagine.

Today in science, we discussed properties of matter and did a "sink or float" experiment where I had him make predictions about various items in his room based on their properties.

In social studies, we are studying directions and maps, so we took a walk outside and drew a map of our block.

Usually he hates writing, but my husband turned his writing responses into a game by timing him and challenging him to beat his record.

The Math curriculum we are using for him (Saxon) is, thankfully, already pretty interactive and teaches math by getting him to pull data straight from his environment.

I have to remind myself, we are only on day 4 of something we have never done before and were never really trained to do. Making these realizations and implementing them this early is good! It may be stressful now, but as we learn we will grow.