Fun Party Treasure Hunt

Our Easter was a bit unconventional this year thanks to COVID-19. So since we were stuck at home, I decided to swap out our usual Easter egg hunt with a treasure hunt with homemade treats as the grand prize. The boys really enjoyed the challenges and were actually disappointed that it wasn't longer, so next year I plan to do even more.

The hunt was made up of a combination of different challenges; physical, math, riddle, and reading.

Physical Challenges

For the first challenge the boys needed to move a pile of stuffed animals to 2 baskets without using their hands, arms, or teeth in order to uncover the hint buried underneath. (Yes Juju cheated a bit as you can see from the gif 😂)

Here are some other physical challenges we used or could be used in a hunt:

  • Do jumping jacks or some other exercise

  • Carry objects from one place to another using only your elbows

  • Fish out clues with paperclips and a magnet tied to a string

  • Hop on one foot

  • Win a game of Simon Says

  • Play a game of Ninja Hopscotch

Riddle Challenges

My riddle challenges weren't exactly riddles, but more like vague hints that required some thinking to figure out. I wasn't particularly clever with it this year, but I will try harder next time. Here are a few I came up with:

  • "Find a friend in the kitchen." Hide a favored stuffed animal somewhere in the kitchen with the next clue.

  • "You look hungry. Have a snack." Next clue is hidden under a cookie.

  • "You look thirsty. Have a drink." Clue is taped to the bottom of a glass.

  • "Find the next clue in the sunrise at Virginia Beach." Clue is hidden in a vacation photo album.

Math Challenges

For these challenges the boys needed to solve math problems to figure out the next clue.

  • First I assigned each letter a number (A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, D= 4, etc.).

  • Then I translated the clue to numbers, with blank spaces overhead for them to write out the letter. "Check the tub" became "3 8 5 3 12 21 8 5 21 22 2."

  • After that I listed half the letters for the clue on a hint for Blaze and the rest on a hint for Juju. If the letters were uneven I added in an extra letter to make it fair.

  • Finally, I wrote out level-appropriate equations next to each letter that would add up to the letter's number.

I just numbered the letters 1 - 26, but for more of a challenge the letters can be numbered at random. I tried not to make the clues so challenging that it wasn't fun to solve, but not so easy that they didn't have to try either. Most were lifted from actual problems from their workbooks.

Reading Challenges

For the reading challenges I simply did a word scramble. For example, "have a cookie" becomes "avhe a ockoei." For something a bit more difficult you could give the instruction to highlight every 5th word in an article or something to find the next clue.

We did 7 challenges in total, but everyone agreed it would be more fun to do more, so next time I'm going to shoot for 10 - 15.