Reusable DIY Masks for Hospitals & Personal Use

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

This post was getting a little messy so I decided to collect my resources and information in a hub that can be found here. I have collected several tutorials, including ones that require no sewing, and ones that can use filters, as well as info on what materials can be used and why, and info on proper use of face masks.

I have kept the info about my sister-in-law's face mask pattern below because I ultimately decided to go with the Olson Mask from UnityPoint Health and did not make her mask. However, the construction is somewhat similar to the Olson Mask, but without a filter pocket and it requires fewer pieces to be cut out. So I left it for reference for anyone who may still want to give it a shot.

How to Make The Olson Mask

Olson Mask PDF Pattern

After I posted this the first time my sister-in-law sent me info on how her mom makes her masks. If I make these I will create a printable pattern and either a video tutorial or step-by-step photo guide.

She makes them using 3 layers of OLY-fun fabric and doesn't use pleats to create its shape like many other mask tutorials so it lies more flat on the face.

Here are the conversions for those who never learned metric (like me 😂):

16.5cm = 6.5in

14cm = 5.5in

10cm = 4in

8cm = 3in

4cm = 1.5in

3.5cm = 1.3in

3cm = 1in

Using the pattern cut out 2 pieces and sew along the edges, leaving the V slits open. Then turn right side out and sew the slits shut.

She uses an additional layer with an added 2.5cm (~1in) seam allowance to lay on top of the 2 sewn layers for added protection. The extra fabric is folded over the sides of the inside piece and sewn down.

Thank you, Slava! Love you!