Day 3 of Homeschooling: Today was rough

Day 1 was a dream. Day 2 was okay. Day 3 was seriously a drag, ending with my iPad's screen getting mysteriously smashed.

I really want to (try to) report on our experience every day to give other new homeschooling families a realistic idea of how things could go. The whole point of me naming my blog "Incredibly Average" is that I like to keep things real. I am so against glamorizing my life and making it seem like everything is awesome all the time.

So. Today was not great. Whining levels were maxed out. Focus levels were depleted. My energy was well into the negative. I just sort of crawled through the day. Honestly, what I remember the most about today was the pure exasperation I felt from start to finish.

I wanted to write a full post about something of importance, but honestly--I'm so tired, I can barely think. Part of our homeschool plans were giving the boys Free Fridays; no schoolwork at all on Friday. So maybe after a weekend of rest, my mind won't feel so melty.