An April Fool's Breakfast

April Fool's Day is one of our favorite holidays at the Harris House. Being stuck in quarantine, we worried we might not be able to do anything fun. My husband and I wracked our brains the night before to think of something fun to prank the kids with. We wanted something silly, not scary, that would make them laugh, since everything is so stressful right now.

Then I remembered I bought some JELL-O Play Monster Edible Slime for Blaze's birthday and came up with a very simple prank. When the boys sat down in the morning to work on their morning journals I informed them that I had found a very nutritious breakfast recipe online. I told them I was worried that all of us were not getting our daily vitamins and minerals so we would start the day off right by eating a bowl of a super powered enriched meal and a glass of vitamin enriched milk. Then I set a bowl of the slime in front of them along with a glass of milk I turned yellow with food coloring.

"It's oobleck!" they screamed. Blaze went to playing with it right away. Juju stared at it with utter disgust. After coaxing them to finally take a bite, I confessed, it was all an April Fool's joke and that meal was far from nutritious. The boys laughed and had some fun playing and tasting their JELL-O slime until it was time to get back to work.

Definitely not our most elaborate or well thought out prank, but the boys had fun and were very excited to share with their friends over video chat. So, I'm calling this one a win.


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